Where is that happiness you were talking about?
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Somebody says to you, “When I go swimming in the river, it is so beautiful and I feel so happy and relaxed just floating on the water under the sun. I forget every worry, I forget every tension and I am so relaxed the world doesn’t exist. I feel so happy, such a deep bliss comes to me through it.” And your greed arises, and you say, “Then I will also try.” (..) You go to the river, but your mind is continuously thinking and hankering for happiness. You don’t look at the river. You are not sensitive, you are just greedy. You move into the river, but you simply feel tired and not relaxed. You swim, but you are constantly asking, “Where is that happiness you were talking about? I see the sun, I see the river, I see the winds moving, but where is that happiness you were talking about?” (...) Forget yourself and forget your greed and forget the goals – and when the goal is forgotten the target is attained.